Conversations That Shouldn’t Be Spoken

One of the guys at work bought an enormous pumpkin and still had it in the bed of his truck when he got to work. Naturally, the thing to do would be to have a betting pool to see who could guess the weight the closest.

Portly Tech:  Hey, do we have a scale?

Petite Co-worker:  Yes. There is one in the warehouse.

Portly Tech: But that’s for weighing boxes. I need something bigger.

Petite Co-worker: I’ve stood on it before.

Portly Tech:  Cool. I don’t think that pumpkin weighs more than 145 pounds.

*gasps throughout the office*

PSA for all you clueless men out there. NEVER try to guess a woman’s weight! Epecially if you think you might be guessing on the high side.


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