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I’m pretty sure that everyone has heard of P90X. I know that I have and because I’ve heard of it I have sworn that I will never purchase it! I am not a glutton for punishment. My husband, on the other hand, is a glutton for punishment. Either that, or he has major delusions of grandeur. He found a set of Insanity DVDs on Craigslist and goes, “What’s insanity?” As if he didn’t know. He watched his ex-wife go totally insane. Oh wait. Was that rude? Anyway, once he explained what he was looking at on Craigslist it dawned on me that he wasn’t speaking of mental illness.

Insanity is a workout similar to P90X where it uses your body as weight and resistance to achieve a beach body. I’m not sure what P90X tries to achieve, but Insanity claims the power to have a beach body. Well, anyone ever heard of a whale?? I’ve GOT a beach body! Duh!

I’m pretty sure I’m teetering on the edge of insanity because I thought it would be fun to give it a whirl. I’ve done a couple of the ab workouts (very modified ab workouts). They’re pretty crazy, but I figured if I could modify the ab workouts to where I could accomplish it surely I could modify the cardio workouts.


Pure Cardio. That’s what I started with today. By the end of the warmup (10 minutes worth) I was exhausted. And I was doing a modified version. Meaning, no jumping. Pretty much jogging in place when they were jumping. Then the regular workout. Holy mother of god!!! Even modified, I was sweating like a horse. As I type this, half hour later, I still have sweat running down my neck and back!


Ten minutes into the main part of the workout I grabbed my water and plopped down onto the couch and right out loud went, “Fuck that shit!” I took a couple drinks of water while the teacher was saying, “If you need a break take a break but don’t quit moving.” Fuck him! Fuck him to hell and back! So I got up and jogged in place while doing jumping jack motion with my arms while they did high kick jumping jacks. When they did low jacks I did squats. When they did mountain climbers I did mountain climbers. Yeh. Those, I can do. When they did pushups I did girlie pushups.  So I kept going. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t quit.

I have neglected my body so badly during those two years between my two surgeries and I have to get it back under control. So I kept going. Pushing. Sweating. Perhaps cursing.  

Want to know what insanity looks like?

It’s not pretty! You can’t tell from here, but insanity doesn’t smell all that great, either.