Conversations Around The Dinner Table

Qualification: I am on my third margarita.

So….You know I’m prolife. You might know, but I’m not sure, that Mark does videography on a very part time basis for a prolife organization. In that aspect of my life I am very conservative! Mark was at an event and the woman speaking had written a book about the evils of Obama. So, he’s sitting at the table reading the book while I’m fixing dinner and mixing up margaritas (rough day at work).

Me: (as I watch him peruse the book on the evil Obama), You know that Romney said that he doesn’t have a problem with women in the work place?

Him: That’s nice.

Me: Yup. He said that he didn’t have a problem with a flexible schedule for women so that they could leave work in time to get home and fix dinner.

Him: (raises hand for fist bump)

Me: Fuck you.

We both laugh. I begin looking through the mail and find a brochure for Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Me: What the fuck. Hawaiian cruises are twice what Caribbean cruises are.

Him: Well, that’s logical.

Me: No it isn’t! All cruises should be the same price since we have to pay double the air fare to get to Hawaii.

Him: Well, Hawaii probably has higher port fees than the Caribbean so it costs the cruise double to dock there.


Me: Oh. Yeh, that makes sense.

Him: Well, of course it does, because I’m a man and we’re always logical.

Me: Fuck you!



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