Tip Toe Through The Tulips

Mark and I watch a TON of TV. We DVR everything so we never have to watch commercials. My favorite show ever (or at least in recent history) is So You Think You Can Dance. My whole life I have related to life through music. Rock. Country. Orchestra. Symphony. Broadway. Ballet. Jazz. Hip hop. Ballroom. It does not matter. Music speaks to my soul. It calms the savage beast within.

One of my favorite routines of all seasons of SYTYCD is weird, dark, quirky, and it makes me smile. Not a lot has made me smile lately so I looked up the video and have watched it over and over again. I thought I would share it with you and hope that it brings a smile to your faces as well.

6 thoughts on “Tip Toe Through The Tulips

    • I love Wade Robson! Love, love, love. Sonja kind of fills that “quirky” gap that I really need. I love her, too. I’ll be interested to see which guy wins. If the viewers go for personality or skill.

      • now that i have the reply function figured out :p I miss Wade Robson too, Sonja is awesome but she seems more mellow this year i think.
        I really hope Chehon wins or Eliana… i was not impressed with Nigel’s i’m not going to vote for you speech this week.

      • I wasn’t impressed with his speech, either! Remember, there is going to be a guy and a girl winner. I’m hoping for Eliana and Chehon (is that really how you spell his name?), too, just because they are the best dancers!

  1. I don’t comment on your blog much but i read it daily. I agree, this is my favorite group routine ever and that season was my all time favorite.. infact it will be the only season of reality that i might ever buy. And Travis! and Benji! dancing! Love!

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