Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Say hello to my little friends.

This is Myrtle. She came dashing through the campsite Sunday morning.

When I saw the turtle at first I was sitting in the camper with the door open. I had my laptop on my lap and was editing pictures. I thought, “I need to get my camera real quick before she rushes off.” About half hour later I grabbed my camera and headed outside. She’d made it all the way over to the shed by that time. Whew. Close call.

This is Billy.

Billy is a feral goat that lives in the woods near the entrance to Wildwood. One of the permanent residence put a salt lick in the field for him and the deer that live in the area. And way!

Big Blue (different from my big blue 4wheeler).

This Blue Heron spends his evenings wading in the lake looking for fish. I saw him there on my way back to camp from shooting Billy and hopped out of my car to get some pics. There were three guys heading to the shoreline to fish about the same time. I was rushing so I could get a pic before the guys scared him off. If they’d have set up their fishing lines on the main shore it would have been fine, but they headed around the side into the woods and startled the Heron. All I had time to do was flip on my camera, switch it to auto focus, and start snapping some pics in hopes of one turning out alright. All my light settings were from shooting Billy in the sun, and the lake is in the shade so it sucks! Ah well, I’m sure he’ll be at the lake the next time I’m there.

2 thoughts on “Wordless(ish) Wednesday

    • Well, fuck a duck! I got the dates backwards! When you look at tomorrow’s post….THAT is what was supposed to have posted today. I scheduled three posts last night, and I’m clearly an idiot! 😉

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