Health and Fitness, POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)

Jump, Shout, Knock Yourself Out

So….. remember that I told you a few days ago that I felt like I was hanging on by a thread?

I had my doc’s appointment today and she checked me out thoroughly! I explained my fears after the incident with the rock. She said that if the surgery would have been compromised it would have been just pure dumb luck because it’s pretty rare that those surgeries fail. Well, pure dumb luck would be having a surgeon poke their finger through your bladder and that happened to me, so I wasn’t much comforted by that statement.  When she checked me she goes, “I’m going to have to widen the speculum a little to get a good look. You’re going to feel some pressure.” Um, pressure is what I’m feeling at work right now. What that woman did to me was NOT pressure!! Holy fuck! I thought she may as well have flossed my teeth while she was up there!

The good news: Nothing was popped loose. Very excited about that. I asked her exactly what they did when they “pinned up” the bladder because that’s how I’ve always heard it referred. She drew me a picture of the exact process and being able to visualize what they did helped me feel so much better because it is very obvious that my bladder can’t pop loose! She said that most likely there was some scar tissue that may have been tugged the wrong way, which would cause pain.

She said that there really isn’t anything that I can’t do. It’s time to get busy now! Now that I know, barring some pure dumb luck, that I can’t undo anything that was done I can work through the pain of my core workouts. I feel like I sound like a freak. Remember the movie “What About Bob?” He always said, “I’m pretty sure my bladder just exploded.” Well….that’s where I was. Paranoia, be gone! I gotta run!! And jump! And play! And not worry about my bladder exploding. Hip hip hooray!


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