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Out Of Focus

I feel that I have no direction. I’ve finished my Couch to 5k program and know that I need to continue running three days a week, but I have nothing to motivate me. I feel like I’ve lost focus in what I was trying to accomplish.

With the way the C25K is programmed it is based more on time than distance. So I never got up to running the full 5k. I know that needs to be my focus and Iam working on it by continuing to go out and run a few times a week. But holy hell, I have to really convince myself that I want to go run! I’m not a runner. I don’t really enjoy running but I know that I need to do it. It’s really the only thing that is going to help me get the weight off that I need to lose. So I know I have to keep plugging along, but I just don’t want to!! GAH!! It’s very frustrating.

I’m not sure how to regain that focus that I had when I was doing the program. I have to find the thing that motivates me. But I don’t know what that thing is.

If it’s not one struggle, it’s a hundred thousand others.


6 thoughts on “Out Of Focus”

  1. Not that I know anything about running, but I agree that signing up for a race could help with motivation. Also, what about one of those 5k to 10k apps? I think their like C25K but for taking it to a 10K.

    1. Another app is a good idea. I’ll have to look. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me!!Those apps think that I run faster than I run. LOL. Maybe my sister will find a decent race in AZ for October (“decent” meaning NO HILLS!!).

  2. You can do it sister!! After finishing p90x I didn’t work out for almost a week. Just started up Body Beast. Don’t quit! Bring it!

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