Conversations Around The Chat Room

Chat with me and my bff, CareBear:

CareBear:  I am so glad is Friday!   I did the floor workout yesterday with the Brazilian Butt lift.  I can sure feel it in my hips.
Right where they connect to my body. I always have issues with that. probably due to the tonage it carries.
Im supposed to meaure and take before pictures…. I wonder if I cna hide those pics somehow on my phone.
Dd I tell you that I even have a “dunlop”????? I have NEVER had one of those…..
 Sent at 10:19 AM on Friday

me:  I have one of those also. And if it gets too hot and sweaty I get a heat rash under the fucking flap of skin. I also get heat rash underneath my boobs where they just sag all the time. FUCK!!!!!!!
 Sent at 10:21 AM on Friday

CareBear:  Ugh.  I dont have the boob issue. My dunlop is big enough that my pants roll down over it……
 Sent at 10:24 AM on Friday

me:  I hate that!!  My underwear is only so strong. It tries to stay up over the roll, but inevitably I will hear a “thwump” as it succumbs to the fatness! I just as well switch to bikini underwear because that’s where it wants to hang out anyway! And trying to get my pants to stay put somewhere between my dunlap and my muffin top is a fucking chore!!
 Sent at 10:25 AM on Friday

CareBear:  dunlops and muffin tops are different???

me:  Oh yes. The dunlap is the flab of belly that hangs down in the front. Remember the fat chick that lived across the street from us (the one that busted her ankle walking in the front yard)? Remember how when she sat she had this flab of skin/fat that hung down on her lap. That is the dunlap! The muffin top is the roll of fat around your your natural waist line.

CareBear: hey that sounds like the beginning to a fun poem or a title of a book LMAO!
 Sent at 10:28 AM on Friday

Me:  Haha! We should write a book! Or at least a blog post. 

Just one of the many reasons that I love her!


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