Random Thoughts

Hide And Seek

Just for funsies, how about a listing of search terms that drive traffic to this here bliggity blog!? Sounds like a good way to kill time on a Friday afternoon.

  • The catheter is in my bladder so you can peed
  • No liquids in the church sanctuary
  • Fill my bladder
  • Musica dance owwwwwwwwww owwwwwwwww owwwwwww (editor’s note: I don’t even know what this means!)
  • Going potty
  • Night move the person outside the house
  • Women squatting going pee
  • Sowed up my bladder
  • Who would do the vaginal hyst for prolaspes whatabout my clickers (editor’s note: what???????????????????)
  • Champion pisser
  • Not dead yet game
  • Cowgirl fuck (editor’s note: I know that I have NEVER talked about cowgirls fucking…not sure how that drove traffic here)
  • Places where you go pee

Um, maybe I need to not talk about peeing so much. Perhaps I need to start posting more pictures of puppies and kitties.


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