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Conversations Around The Cubicle

The phones at work have been psycho today and the girl who normally answers has not had a single moment’s peace.  Our “help” button has been going off non-stop. This happens whenever our main answering point is on her phone and another call comes in. It rings a “help” button, which then rings very obnoxiously on every phone in the building. Needless to say, the boss hates it when the “help” button goes off because it feels like our customers aren’t being answered in a timely fashion.

That is totally not the point of this post!

During one of these instances where the “help” button went off, I picked up the phone. Good golly, I should know better than that! The person that the caller wanted was unavailable and the caller did not want to go to voice mail so I asked for his name and number. Got the number with no trouble at all, but for the life of me I couldn’t understand what his name was. I asked him to repeat it twice!!  That’s TWO times!! Instead of asking the third time I asked him to spell it. There was a very deep sigh on the other end of my phone and he spelled it out:

D – A – V – I – D

Gawd, I’m an idiot!


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