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For months – MONTHS – Mark has been searching for a Razer. He has been looking through Craigslist like it’s his job. Well, after much searching, many hours of bartering, tons of deals falling through, we finally found the perfect purchase. It was exactly what he was looking for. He didn’t have to compromise on any of the features that he wanted. So last weekend we forked out the $9,000.00 and brought our new baby home:

Yesterday I found out that Les Miserables is coming to the Fox Theater in October. I was so excited because I have been waiting for this show to come back to the Fox since I last saw it. As an idea of how long it has been, I saw it for the first time with my ex husband. Mark and I have been married for 12 and a half years. So. Waiting a LONG time to see this production again. I told Mark last night that I wouldn’t be heading off the grid until after 10am on Saturday because I needed to get my tickets to the show ordered the second they went on sale. He did a deep sigh and kind of looked out the window. I said, “What? Don’t you want me going?” He goes, “Gah, I’m just thinking about the amount of money it’ll be.” (150 bucks if I buy Michelle’s ticket plus gas to St. Louis and dinner out with my sister and mom afterwards.)

Pardon me for a moment while my head explodes!


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