The Idiot Strikes Again

Well, ya’ll. It’s official. I’m an idiot! I’ve suspected this for a long time, but I have irrefutable proof now.

Yesterday I got in a new demo system at work, a part of which is a cell phone. Being the smart one that I am, I knew that the cell phone would need to charge before I could get it set up with the demo system. So I plugged it in. It’s a different type phone than what I’ve got and I wasn’t noticing any indicator lights telling me that the thing was actually charging. I kept unplugging it, plugging it back in, trying to make sure the cord was seated correctly. It was clear that everything was plugged in right and tight so I let them sit over night (there were two separate demo kits, so two separate cell phones). I got into work this morning and unplugged the first phone. Pressed the button that I was pretty sure was the power button. Nothing happened. I’m searching this whole phone trying to find another button that might be the power button. Nothing. You guys! It’s a CELL PHONE!!!  This is not rocket science! I was on the verge of cursing so I figured I’d pull out the quick look user guide to see what I was missing. STEP 1: Remove the plastic from around the battery before charging!

Well, fuck a duck!! damnshitfuckhell!! I popped open the back of the phone and wouldn’t you know it, there was plastic wrapped around the fucking battery! I removed the plastic, plugged the phone back into the charger and guess what? There is a light indicator that shows it’s plugged in.


Yup. It’s going to be one of those days!!

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