Gimme Three Steps

I’ve been trying to baby-step my way back into the volleyball world so that by the Fall I’ll be able to be effective when my women’s league starts back up. I’ve been nursing a bum shoulder for a while.The lack of real use while I was out of service, so to speak, has stiffened it up and it’s been a bit painful. I can feel that it has slowly but surely been loosening up. Each week it feels a little better.

Each week I get a little quicker on the draw on defense. I get my timing back a little more on offense. I feel like my instincts are sharpening up again. I’m able to read the players on the opposite team a little better. All those things that used to be second nature to me when I was on the court have been a struggle. But each week I have felt stronger.

I’ve been serving underhand and babying my shoulder but this evening I was hitting more. One of our guys was gone so we played with four girls, which meant that I got a lot more opportunities to hit. Up until this week, it has been painful to take a good swing at the ball, but it felt good this week. So, each time I got up to serve I wanted to just serve overhand, but each time I chickened out because I was afraid it would be painful. And I was a little bit afraid that I would suck!

During the final game in the set we were ahead by a lot of points and when I got up to serve I just thought, What the hell! If I blow the serve it won’t cost us the game. So I served it NORMAL!! And it felt good. And it was an awesome serve. Hard and fast. It was like I had never not served a ball overhand. This final hurdle crossed! I feel like I’m back on my game.


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