The New-Age Workout

I didn’t run Saturday. Shame on me, I know! Normally when we go off the grid I am awake about 6:30 – 7:00am. This is a great time to go out and run. I got my clothes, shoes, food, water all laid out Friday night. Got the coffee pot ready to go so I could turn it on before I headed out the door to run.

Then a strange thing happened. I woke up and it was 10:00 and over 90 degrees. Oopsie. I never sleep in! Ever!! So it was a little weird to wake up and have it be so late. So instead of going for a run, I headed to the lake.

There was not a soul around! It was so nice to have the lake to myself. The problem with having the lake to myself is that I’m swimming all alone and I know that from a safety aspect, that’s not the smartest thing to do. So I did my swimming along the shore line so that I could always reach the bottom.

I got a good swim in, but that was not even a workout compared to what came Saturday evening. When we were eating dinner with some friends, the five year old wanted to go swimming, but not at the pool. At the lake! So a group of us went back to the lake. The five year old’s dad hung out at the boat ramp with his daughter while us “big kids” headed to the dock to play. So now…a closer up picture of the dock:

There are pretty much two ways onto the dock. 1) You take the sissy way and swim around to the back side of the dock, climb up the large rocks, walk down the ramp to the dock.  OR, 2) You do it the way I do. See the table at the end of the dock with the red thing on top? (I still don’t know what the red thing is.) From that point of the dock you use your legs to push yourself out of the water far enough to grab hold of the dock deck. You can’t touch the metal part of the deck with your hand because it is OOKIE! Way ookie! So you grab the dock with one hand, then using your arm and a swift frog kick with your legs you reach your free hand up to the cross bar on the table…the leg brace. Then you take your hand that is on the dock and reach it up to the cross bar. Then you put your feet on the ookie metal grate and using your arms and legs, hoist yourself up and  in one motion grab the red thing on top of the table. Then you step up onto the dock. I’d say “easy peasy” but I think you’d all know I was lying. Once you’re on the dock, you climb onto the table because it makes a great diving platform.


Repeat the process.

Oh, I forgot a step. Make sure that you gloat to the boys who are there that they can’t get onto the dock as gracefully as a 50 pound overweight almost 50 year old woman can. Oh yeah. That’s the best part of the workout.

Diving and climbing onto the dock wasn’t the only part of the workout, though. After about half hour of this phenomenal activity I noticed that the dad of the five year old was swimming towards the dock with his daughter on his back. He didn’t look like it was going very well, so I dove into the lake and headed towards him. The five year old was fussing that she didn’t want to continue. The water is very deep next to the damn and it’s dark and scary to a kid. When I caught up to them I asked if she wanted me to take her back to the ramp and she quickly agreed. The dad goes, “Thank you” and continued to swim to the dock with the other boys to play for a bit.

My kids knew that when I swam with them on my back that they needed to just hold on to my shoulders and be still. This little girl did not know that. She acted like she was on a horsey ride, legs wrapped around my waist and pretending to swim with her arms.  No wonder the poor dad was struggling. Since she didn’t know me real well I didn’t want to reprimand her like I would have with my kids so I asked her if she would “help me out” by kicking instead of swimming with her arms. She took hold of my shoulders, which made it easier, but the kicking. Oh my goodness, the kicking! That was a long swim! Great workout. Long swim.

After a bit she decided she wanted to go to the dock. SHOOT. ME. NOW! One of the girls that was there took her over to the dock via the road that goes across the top of the dam, and I swam back to the dock.

Did some more climbing on the dock and diving in. Then swam back to the ramp one last time. Exhausting. But oh, so fun!!

Sunday morning, which is normally my non-workout day, the draw of the lake pulled me there again. So I went back to the lake, swam to the opposite shore and back and then just floated in the water. I wish I had a lake in my back yard! By Sunday night I was feeling muscles that I didn’t even know that I had! Great weekend. Great workout.

2 thoughts on “The New-Age Workout

  1. That’s awesome. I love it when exercise and fun go hand-in-hand! I don’t care much for non-fun exercise. I wish I had a lake in my backyard, too.

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