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Karma, Baby!

As per usual, Mark and I are heading off the grid this weekend. He called me yesterday to say that Matt and his buddy were going to go out with us. My first comment to Mark was, “What the hell is ‘Buddy’ thinking – going somewhere with no cell phone reception when their baby is due next week?” Mark said “That’s what I asked him?”


Mark informed me that the response was, “But she’s being such a bitch!!!!!”

Really? A bitch? Nine months pregnant and it’s eleventy billion degrees out?? Why on earth would she be being a bitch!?


I spent most of the day yesterday spitting nails at the insensitivity of this bozo and conjuring up all sorts of cruel things to do to him while we were off the grid and his 9 month pregnant wife was stuck at home with two small children in the HEAT while her husband was out relaxing and drinking beer and getting a break from the crazy, psychotic bitch!

Mark called me this morning, “‘Buddy’ isn’t going. They had the baby last night!”


She is a bitch!

And I love her!


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