Am I Stupid?

Before you all jump in with a resounding YES, let me give you a little back story.

At work I was talking about the Couch to 5K program that I’m doing in an attempt to 1) lose weight, 2) get a little stronger, 3) feel that euphoria that every runner I know talks about after they’ve completed a good run. One of the girls that I  work with goes, “Running at our age is just stupid. It’s STUPID!”

Yes, I resisted the urge to bitch-slap her!

This is hard! I’m only in week two and it’s so hard. As I was running my last 90 second interval I was just thinking, “What the fuck am I doing this for?” I can’t even run 90 seconds without gasping for air. Not to mention the fact that my treadmill may be trying to kill me. I am getting better at manuevering on the treadmill but it’s awkward.

I’m sore.

I’m tired. I mean, not like I didn’t get enough sleep tired. I mean TIRED! My body is exhausted!

I feel like I’m doing it wrong. Like my gait is all wrong. Because if I were doing it right it would be easy, right? RIGHT!?

I’m frustrated. I know a lot of that has to do with recollections of my former “in shape” self, but I feel like it shouldn’t be this difficult.

My back is killing me. I know that’s because my core is pretty well shot after all my female issues and I’m doing yoga to try and help strengthen that. I try to remember to engage my core as I run so it’s not just flopping in the wind. So, actually, my aching back is one of the least of my worries because I understand what’s going on there.

Oh, and speaking of strengthening my core, I saw this on Twitter the other day and tried to do number three. Well, that was a good laugh. I got one arm off the ground and focused so hard to get the opposite leg up and nothing was happening. I really want to see somebody besides Jillian Michaels do those moves (except #2 – I can do #2).

Anyway, I digress. I’m just in a funk and feeling like I’m too old to start this whole running thing, but I know it’ll be good for me if I can do it.

Where’s that damned Easy Button?

12 thoughts on “Am I Stupid?

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  2. Doh! Just realized its a magazine link, not a youtube video. I probably can do all of those with TERRIBLE form (which isn’t technically doing them, is it?). Still waiting to go home to try tonight, so I’ll find out soon enough XD.

  3. You’re definitely not stupid for doing this.

    Have you considered adjusting the pace of the program or the program itself? So instead of doing the week 1 workout for one week, you could do it for two weeks before moving on the week 2 workout, and spend however much time you need on the week 2 workout before moving on to week 3, and so on. I pretty much never follow workout programs/videos to a T in the beginning. I adjust to my fitness level, and go at a pace that is challenging but not overwhelming for my body, and as I get stronger and more conditioned, I’m eventually able to work up to the point where I am actually doing what the program wants me to do. I think in the end the most important thing is just sticking with it, even if it involves making some adjustments along the way to tailor the program to fit you.

    Also…thanks for the youtube video!! I’m going to run home and try to do those tonight 🙂

    • I should have put conditions on the link. Anyone who tries the MUST videotape them and then post the video online so that I can point and laugh. 🙂

      Good ideas about doing the program to fit my abilities. The stupid thing is that I know that I *can* do it. It’s just frustrating to me to not be perfect at it right this very minute. 🙂

  4. Eek! Those look crazy! I would maybe start with supermans?
    I do one to work my core where you take a balance ball lying down and hold it between your knees and your arms and alternate moving l arm/r leg and r arm/l leg. you straighten your leg out on the ground and move your arm backl ike your doing the back stroke (i really hope this makes sense?) they really work the core
    also running isn’t easy and i am NO WHERE near where Ann is at all. plus i agree shoes make a huge difference!

    • I think I kind of *see* what you’re describing. 🙂 I took a toning class years ago that used the big yoga ball. It was an inner thigh workout. Lay on your back, legs raised, hold the ball between your ankles. Drop the ball and catch it with your hands. Then toss the ball into the air and catch it between your ankles. I could do that just fine because I’m coordinated, but holy hell, I laughed so hard because most of the women were kicking the ball across the room trying to catch it between their ankles. It sent everyone in the class into a fit of giggles as big ol’ yoga balls were flying in every direction. Fun class.

  5. No, this shit’s not easy. It’s still not easy. I’ve been limping for a day and a half because I’m so sore. But it DOES get easier. There IS such a thing as runner’s high. You are NOT stupid for wanting to be healthy and active. You inspire me with your determination to get back to that active lifestyle that you love so much.

    If it’s your gait that’s concerning you, there are running stores you can go to get a gait analysis that will tell you if your shoes are helping or hindering you.

    Running is ABSOLUTELY not something that comes easily or quickly, but I can guarantee it’s worth it. It’s addictive and fun and freeing and even when you feel like you’ve had your whole body beaten with sticks, being able to get up and still get out there, even in the face of soreness and other people thinking it’s stupid (or especially in the face of that), it makes it that much better. Like, “See? Told you fuckers I could do this.”

    And you can do this. I know you can.

    PS, I can do that third move. 🙂

    • Can you do move #4?? I haven’t tried that yet. But I can’t imagine being able to roll my body over without using arms/legs for assistance. We’re not even gonna talk about getting my body into a pike position. LOL.

      To my knowledge, we don’t have runners stores here. Only things like MC Sports and, well…only MC Sports. Next time you’re home you’ll have to watch me run and tell me what I’m doing wrong/right.

  6. I can’t seem to find the easy button either. I find what food I eat makes a big difference, and are you landing with your leg underneath your hips? If you over stride, it really sucks. I was doing it since childhood, and now I’m running properly I find it far more enjoyable.

    • I definitely don’t over stride. Maybe my steps are too short?? I do know that I run heel/toe heel/toe and I think that’s correct since I’m not a sprinter (not even CLOSE to a sprinter). 🙂

      When you’re talking food, what specifically do you find helps?

      • Maybe we have the opposite problem with running strides :). I just spent an hour watching videos on youtube about how to run, and try to focus on those tips during a run rather than that dying feeling when you start out.

        On the food, I found eating fish helped, I just felt better. I can get it pretty cheap if I buy frozen. I also started adding spinach to absolutely everything I ate and upped the number of eggs I ate. I eat at least two eggs per day, and feel far more energised. This can be harder when cooking for a family, but in our household everyone has something different for breakfast. I scramble two eggs, add some salmon and whack some spinach in a pan.

        Also, don’t worry about dying after intervals! If you’re going as fast as possible it’s no wonder you’re out of breath. I know exactly how you feel, I used to hate the treadmill at the gym and stopped after about a minute. Just try jogging REALLY slowly. It will get better. I know you can keep it up, but the most important thing is that YOU know you can!

      • Youtube is a great idea! That’s not a venue I automatically think about searching for information. Good call! I’ll give it a whirl.

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