Rainbows And Skittles

I think I might have mentioned that there has been an overwhelming amount of skittles and sunshine being vomited all over the place in my family.  Pretty sure I linked you to an exceptionally vomitous display of this on Ann’s blog a couple weeks ago. Well, I have come to understand the source of all those rainbows, sunshine, skittles, vomiting happiness, etc.

This past weekend we celebrated Father’s Day in the best possible way. We got to meet the newest addition to our family. And before you go thinking I’m totally putting the cart before the horse, I can assure you that I’m not. I merely call him the “newest addition” because even when my kids have only been dating someone, Mark and I have done our best to welcome them into our family and home. For all my failings as a mom, the one thing that I have always done well is blend new people into my family. Whether that be my son and daughter, or whether it be my kids’ significant others, it makes no difference. I thank my mother for this trait. Her motto was, “We do not cut apron strings in this family, we just tie new people on.” It is a fabulous motto and I really think more people should be of this mindset.

So. I’ll introduce you to my lovely daughter’s freaking awesome and amazingly wonderful significant other! This is my favorite picture!!!

I love that she is so content and happy. That is all I have ever wanted for my children…to be content and happy. Thanks to “the boy” for helping to make that happen. He’s fantastic and I can’t wait to continue to learn more about him!

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