I’m Not Dead Yet

Day two for my couch to 5k program. Ouch. I have forgotten what sore muscles feel like. I have forgotten what a good sweat feels like. Nothing like a running program to remind you. I made a couple foo fahs during the program today but I think they balanced each other out. At one point I was right next to a road so I missed a running segment. I kept thinking that the bell should have gone off and I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check out the app and I had 5 seconds left of what should have been my run. So I went ahead and finished it walking. Then towards the end I heard the bell go off so I began running. And running. And running. I was DYING! I continued until I could run no more and I pulled the phone out of my pocket and realized it was timing down for my five minute cool down. So I ran for almost three minutes before I stopped to look at the timer.

When I got home I popped in a yoga DVD so I could relax and stretch out. My whole body was shaking as I held each pose.

I need to get a new pair of running shoes. Mine are a couple years old and I can tell. My feet hurt so I need to get new shoes before I injure myself. Other than that, I feel pretty good.

SO…real quick, I tried one of the new recipes that I had on my menu this week. I made a couple of tweaks (huge surprise).

I was supposed to use penne or rigatoni, but I didn’t have either of those so I used whole wheat spaghetting noodles. I broke them in half. No reason why I did that, just did it. I hadn’t planned on adding broccoli towards the end of the cook time, but when I watered my garden this evening I saw that I had some ready to pick so I went ahead and put it in with the pasta.

Those are NOT marshmellows!! I realize they look like it, but they’re little mozzerella balls. When Mark took his first bite he pulls it out and goes, “What the hell is this?” He thought I was trying to poison him. So…balsamic vinegar (recipe called for red wine vinegar), EVOO, basil leaves (picked fresh out of my herb garden), cherry tomatoes cut in half, the mozzerella balls. The recipe called for those things. But while I was picking basil I went ahead and grabbed some thyme and rosemary. I also added some sliced baby portabella mushrooms. I love baby bellas!

Last but not least, I shredded up some of the turkey breast that was leftover from Monday night.

Once the pasta/broccoli was done cooking, I drained it and tossed the vinegar/oil mix into the noodles.

It was good. I put aside a container of it for my lunch tomorrow and I’ll eat it cold as a pasta salad. Then I’ll add spaghetti sauce to the remainder of it and heat it up for another meal. Kind of throws my menu all out of whack, but nothing goes to waste. It was good.

All that healthiness today! Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to ice cream tonight??

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