Let The Games Begin

And I’m not talking about the Hunger Games, even though I’m hungry right now. I’m talking about the game where I pretend I’m not closing in on 50 and can still do the things that my 20 year old self could do. Hell…even my 30 year old self.

Last night I did Week 1 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program. I expected that I would not be able to walk in the morning, but happily, I was wrong about that. I did, indeed live through the first leg of this program. This gives me hope that I can make it through tomorrow’s workout.

Couch to 5K (c25k) is a nine week, three times per week program that is designed to get a non-runner (like me) ready to run 3.1 miles. Without dying, I think, but I’d have to read the fine print to make sure that guarantee is in there. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off and putting it off mainly out of the fear of failure. I don’t fail much. And I suspect that might be because I tend to do things that I am confident that I can do. Running a 5k is not something I’m confident in. My experience with running over the past, oh…five or six years has not ended successfully and god forbid I fail at something! So why start now after putting it off since April when I was intending to begin? A few thing have actually pushed me over the edge.

  • My rockstar daughter. Do you know what she did????? Check it out. This is no small feat. Blood, sweat, and tears went into making that possible for her. Quite literally, I’m pretty sure.
  • Then the other day one of my on-line buddies mentioned they had started the c25k.  A few days later, this same friend was in a bad way. Frustrated with life. Feeling like a failure in a lot of areas. Just basically down. I messaged her and we began chatting about her frustrations and I thought that we could probably help each other out. I needed motivation. She needed support. So we decided to be c25k buddies and check in with each other after we had completed each required workout.
  • A couple girls are going to be in Florida for a Disney race in January and there was a lot of talk about meeting up down there during the race festivities. There is something about comaraderie that started making running look like it could be (gasp) FUN! I know I won’t be able to go to Florida, but just hearing their excitement as they talked about it made me want to get started.
  • Another friend of mine is running a 10k (shoot me now) in August and really wants me to run with her. After all, if I can run a 5k I can certainly run a 10k. Hah! Slow your roll, missy! But this friend is close enough to where, even if I don’t do the 10k, we could find another race that we could run together.

Are you sensing a theme? It’s all about a buddy system. Having a network of people supporting you. Encouraging you. Lifting you up when you fall down. I feel like I have that support system. They may not all live right next door to me but they’re a couple button clicks away.

So I began! Yesterday. And  I can still function today. I got my timers all set on my phone so that I could track my walking/jogging intervals when my workout buddy informed me that there was an app for the Droid phone that would give me a tone when it was time to switch! Well, that is exactly what I need. Something that is idiot proof. Because, you know, I don’t want to have to think about anything, I just want to run!!  (there’s a story behind that phrase that I’ll tell you about one day) So…I loaded the app.

I went to the park to run since it was nice outside and I made it  through the whole program! I was tickled. And then when I came home I lifted weights and then did yoga! I felt awesome! And like I said earlier, I’m not dying.  I’m looking forward to the program. After one day, I’m looking forward to the program. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

2 thoughts on “Let The Games Begin

  1. Awesome job! I actually really can’t stand running, but the high afterwards is totally worth it and different than any other workout that I do. I look forward to it just for that.

    Wish you could make it to Florida, but totally know that it’s a lot to plan for.

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