Home and Food and Gardening oh my

Let’s Eat!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my menu. so I thought I’d throw one up here. Not that I’ve thrown my menu together. Nope. It took a little more doing than that. I added a “recipes” tab. If I put something unusual (not as in “ew, gross” but as in “not a normal menu item for me”) on the menu I’ve included the recipe.

I love Prevention Magazine and get a yearly subscription. I just received a special edition that’s a “400 Calorie Fix Cookbook” and it includes soups, vegetarian options, lean meat options, DESSERT options. It also included twenty 30 minutes or less options. That is what I really need. So I thought I’d try some of those recipes. If I find one that I really, really like, I’ll make a post on just that item. Hmmm. Maybe this will be a full week of nothing but food posts. We shall see. Most of the recipes that I’ve tried from Prevention have been pretty good.

My husband  is skeptical. He looks at the menu and sees that every night requires preparation and goes, “So….cereal this week?” He’s probably not far off, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

In other news, I’m starting C25K today with the help of one of my girls. It makes it much easier for me if I have a partner. That whole “accountability” thing and all.


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