The Best Things In Life Are Free



Long time ago. Started in April.

Workin’ it.

Workin’ it.

Still workin’ it.





When all is said and done, how much did I spend on getting my garden expanded? Whew. That’s a good question. After I picked up my FIFTH truckload of gravel (at $31.00 a pop) Mark goes, “You could buy a whole lotta food for what you’ve spent in money and time.” True statement.

Ground cover was about 10-15 bucks a roll and I used three. Three different types. I started with two rolls of organic but didn’t like the way that it held up in just the first week so I won’t buy that again. The other roll was the same mesh type that I used in my original garden.

Boards to build the bed were 25 bucks for the long ones and 10 bucks for the short ones.

Truck load of dirt was 35 bucks.

Truck load of mulch was 10 bucks.

Plants were under 10 bucks, so going down the road it won’t be bad but holy hell, starting the project….LOT o’ money.

So, yes, I could have bought quite a few groceries for the amount of time and money I spent setting it up. I don’t have a clue how long the ROI will take but it’s done. I’m happy. But it definitely was NOT free!

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