Walk Toward The Light

I have made every preparation necessary to keep the weeds at bay in my garden. I laid weed barrier. I have four inches of mulch on top of the weed barrier. I have big, leafy plants which cast shade over the ground.  

As I was shoveling rocks yesterday I was looking at my large zucchini plants and something looked a little off. So I set the shovel down and walked over to investigate. There was a leafy weed poking out around one of the plants. I followed the weed from the leaf down to where its root was. This poor weed. Its stem was bent and contorted and followed the most bizarre path from where it sprouted to where it finally emerged into the light. I chuckled and said right out loud, “Determined little bugger.”  I almost felt guilty when I pulled it from the ground because it had worked so hard to succeed.

I went back to my shoveling but couldn’t stop thinking about that damned weed. Its prospects were bleak. The chance of success minimal. And yet it didn’t give up. It kept heading towards the light.

It’s sad that I have to learn my lessons from plants. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to look for that bright spot when things seem impossible. I’ve gotten better about remaining positive through trials but I still have a long way to go. I need to be more like that determined little weed and find my way into the sun even when sometimes the odds seem a bit insurmountable.

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