Pets, Wildwood

Another Weekend Off The Grid

It was a long weekend and I’m glad to be home. I usually feel pretty rejuvenated after heading to our place off the grid for the weekend, but there was a bit of drama amongst the group we usually hang out with so Mark and I separated from the group and let them have at it. We don’t do drama! So…instead of going into all the fun ins and outs of the chaos, I’m going to show you this:

This is me and my Ellie on the way out of town. Jake was hogging up the whole back seat but Ellie didn’t seem to mind leaning on me.

On the way home, Jake not only hogged the back seat, but he got comfortable in a way that Ellie didn’t have much room. It kind of cracked me up watching her try to get comfortable.

Jake looks thrilled, doesn’t he? He’s such a patient dog. I can guarantee that if the roles had been reversed and he were laying over Ellie, she would not have taken it! She would have thrown a fit and it would have been a miserable ride home. But not Jake. He’s just so laid back and mellow. God, I love that dog!!!

We completely wore them out this weekend. They’ve don’t normally go everywhere with us, but they love to hang out with us. So to be able to lie at my feet by the fire, follow me around the lot while I work, go with me when I play at the lake put both of them in doggie heaven!

Lights out! Plumb tuckered!


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