Best Laid Plans

I expanded my garden this year to include a large bed that will accomodate my squash plants better than my little beds will.

It is a LOT of work! I’ve stopped by the landscaping place to get a truck load of gravel each night this week. The rake works great to push gravel out of the truck and then spread it throughout the garden.

I had a brilliant idea for the most recent load of gravel.

Instead of pushing, pulling, raking I thougt I’d use the wheel barrow and transport gravel load by load to the various parts of the garden. Great idea, huh?


Not a great idea!!  There were a few different problems:

  1. The truck was loaded down so much that the wheel barrow wouldn’t fit underneath the tailgate so that I could push gravel into it.
  2. Because of number 1 I had to lift the gravel . You use an entirely different set of muscles lifting than you do pushing. And it’s more difficult.
  3. As I’d shovel gravel into the wheel barrow it kept tipping. Damn tires.
  4. A fully loaded wheel barrow does NOT wheel very well on gravel! That was a fight to get it from the truck to the back of the garden.
  5. The gravel doesn’t empty all the way out when you just dump it. It has to be lifted off the ground completely.

So. Lifting the shovel full of gravel to fill the wheel barrow. Dragging a heavy ass wheel barrow to the back of the garden. Lifting up on the handle to tip the contents out. Lifting UP the wheel barrow to completely empty it. Push the wheel barrow back to the truck. That last part was the easiest. This was my workout.

The fun did not end there. You see, I have this bench that my father in law made for me. It’s currently sitting on my back patio, but it really doesn’t go with the patio furniture that I will eventually be getting. I want it in my garden so that when I need to take a break I have a comfortable place to sit. So I need a place for this:

As luck would have it, I have a stack of patio blocks that were a path from the gate to the original patio before we expanded it last Fall. They’ve been stacked up waiting for me to find something to do with them. Well, I found something. But there was one minor problem.

Those blocks are 18×18 inches square and 2 inches thick. In concrete terms I do not know how many pounds that equals, but it’s a lot. The other problem is that the truck was still parked in the gateway to the garden because it hadn’t been completely emptied out yet as I needed the last bit to put between the patio blocks. I’d walk across the yard and bring the blocks to the gate then lift them over my head as I went past the truck so I didn’t risk scratching the truck. Fifteen times I made this trip.

Once I got them laid out I shoveled the last load of rock into the wheel barrow and lugged it to the patio blocks so I could fill in the spaces. To say that my arms felt like noodles would be a huge understatement.

I have one more load of gravel (I hope) to bring in, but that will wait until next week because I have volleyball and then a LONG weekend of (hopefully) relaxation!

It’s coming together. One piece at a time. But it’s coming together.

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