Conversations From Wildwood

As you know, sometimes conversations around a campfire can go a little south on occasion. Here’s this weekend’s topic.

Matt brought the work trailer up because he needed a way to transport the 4wheeler that he ran into the tree a few weeks ago and he had finished the repair on it so was bringing it back. Michelle and Cory weren’t going to be staying the weekend, so there was a conversation about them possibly taking the trailer back to town so that Matt didn’t have to go that direction on his way home. The problem…the trailer hitch wasn’t a standard size, so Matt asks Cory, “What size of ball do you have?”

Ah, you see where this conversation is headed, don’t you?

I looked at Matt and said, “Kinda personal question!”

And then it began.

Cory didn’t want to tell us what size ball he had, so he went to the truck and pulled out his hitch. He walks back to the campfire waving the hitch around, “My ball is 2 1/2 inches, but I didn’t bring my wrench.” Janel goes, “Who takes their balls places without their wrench.” Michelle sits next to me rolling her eyes as I’m laughing. Mark pipes in, “My ball is 2 7/8 inches.” You’ll be proud that I resisted the urge to comment on the “perkiness” of the 2 7/8 inch ball.

We must have gone on this road for a good half hour! Never a dull moment!

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