Got Weed?

Now that I have your attention….

I do pretty good at getting my garden planned and planted. Maintenance, though? What a friggaliggin’ pain in the ass!!! This year the weeds seem horrible. Of course, it’s my fault. I got everything planted then left for Jackie’s graduation and haven’t been back in the garden since! For a MONTH! So, yeh…the weeds’ll getcha if you go for a month without setting foot in your garden. I’m pretty much caught up with it. Two more empty beds (at the far side of the garden) and then my big tomato bed and the blackberry bed to finish up. I was going to put green beans in the two empty beds, but I think I’m not going to. Soooo I need to figure out what I want to put there instead of the beans. The weeds grow so well there it seems a shame to evict them!

Besides the weeds, I have two beds of strawberries, three of broccoli, three of tomatoes (1 large bed, 2 small beds), one big bed with blackberries (and they’re loaded with berries this year), and one huge bed for my squash: two zuchhini, two yellow straightneck, two cucumber, one acorn, and a lonely little canteloupe. Along the edges of the big bed I have my peppers: six sweet green, six jalapenos, and two mammoth jalapeno. In front of the garden fence are my four blueberry bushes and they are fully loaded with berries. I’m noticing a purplish hue beginning to take shape so it shouldn’t be too long now before I have fresh berries. I also tried an experiment this year…two grape vines. I’ve heard they’re a bitch to grow, so we’ll see. I heard the same thing about blueberries and (knock on wood) haven’t had any troubles.

I love my garden! I need to be more diligent about the danged weeds! Anyone wanna come play?

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