There Are No Words

There are times when I cannot describe something well enough. The conversation that I had with my husband is one of those times. At work all my incoming calls are recorded. You know, for quality assurance and some such bullshit. My husband tends to forget about that. Since I cut out the beginning and end of the recording I’ll just have to tell you that when I say “hello” he says “who’s yer daddy?” When I call his work he answers with, “Ya want me, dontcha?” That’s all find and good until the day my boss called his work to ask a technical TV question. *sigh* 

Anyway…I went back to find this recording so that I could share it with you. You will have to forgive me because it was a longer than 5 minute conversation and there was less than two minutes of it that’s worth sharing, so I used my movie maker software to edit out the beginning and end of the whole convo. I probably could have taken more time and made it the perfect movie, but instead you’re getting a thrown together piece of art just so that you can see why it’s scary to ride in a car with my husband.

I’m going to miss him when he dies!

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