POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)

Oh, What A Relief It Is

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my healing process and with a letter I received, I thought today would be a good day to do that!

  • I feel like I have all my energy back. Well, as much energy as I can expect to have with the excess weight, but overall…feeling fairly energetic! That’s always good.
  • Still working on my “exercises” that the doc has assigned me. Gotta get those muscles all nice and toned up. Gotta tone up all my other muscles, too, and am working on that as well.
  • I still have a little bit of pain, but only if I do certain things. At the moment, I can’t sit down and bend over without a little pain. The bright side of this is that it gives me a great excuse to go in for regular pedicures rather than doing it myself because the position to paint my toes is just awkward. Truth be told, I don’t know if that’s because of the surgery or because I have more belly fat than I’ve ever had before. I’m blaming the surgery. Naturally.
  • I popped something in my hip. Not surgery related. I was doing my normal 4 mile loop and had about a mile to go before I got home when Will Smith’s “Wild, Wild West” came blasting through my earbuds. I have never been able to be still when listening to that song. There is something about it that gets me be-bopping. So I’m walking on my way home doing a head-bop, shoulder bounce, forgetting that people can SEE ME!! Anyway, something popped. I hobbled the last mile home and the next day was in a world of hurt. It lasted about two days and feels a little better today. I swear, I’m just freaking hopeless! Getting too damned old. 🙂

OK, that’s the physical update. Now for the emotional/mental part.  I’ve been struggling with what to do about my regular gyn. She is a great person and I could totally hang out with her at a bar, but there is a confidence level for my medical care. I talked with my doctor (the specialist who fixed my bladder) about protocol and what his thoughts were on remaining with my regular doc. I basically wanted to know what kind of issues I could expect in the future and whether or not he thought she could handle it. He talked with me for quite a while and gave me some recommendations of good docs that he thought were excellent. One of the names he gave me was a doc who did her residency in his clinic and that she was very good. Problem is, she now works in the clinic where my regular doc works. So I had no idea how I was going to proceed with my lady-bit doctor.

I got a letter this week from the clinic I normally go to. They were informing me that the doc was leaving the clinic AND practice for personal reasons. I can’t tell you the flood of relief that swept over me. It’s not that I think she shouldn’t be practicing medicine. Shit happens. But I was so relieved because I can go to the doc that my specialist recommended without hurting anyones’ feelings. I’m happy about that. I wish my former doctor well in whatever her future endeavors include. And I wish her no ill will for the mistake in my original surgery. I’m way past being angry about it. But I am relieved that I don’t have to make a tough decision about where to go for my medical care.

There ya have it. In a nutshell. I’m doing well and am continuing to make progress.


4 thoughts on “Oh, What A Relief It Is”

  1. I think *I* just breathed a sigh of relief for you! I love your positive outlook on healing and getting your body back to your optimum shape 🙂

    1. One has to stay positive. What’s the use in being a debbie downer? It doesn’t get you anywhere. Know what I mean? So…I try to stay positive, even when I’m feeling like everything is crashing down around me. Sometimes success. Sometimes failure. Always trying.

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