Whoop Whoop Whoop

We’ve been cutting down some trees to make room for a cabin and some of the cut up logs were in a pile from last fall and needed to be moved down to the main wood pile.

I was loading logs onto the quad and picked up a fairly substantial one out of this pile and a huge wolf spider jumps off the log (not directly at me, but off to the side), land by my foot and scurried under the untouched part of the pile. I’m pretty sure the sounds coming out of me as I dropped the log I was holding was something like, “Whoop, whoop, whoop” in this very high pitched, unhuman tone. There may have even been stomping of the feet and lots of shuddering/skeeved out dancing. Pretty sure the spider made eye contact with me and you know what that means, don’t you? I couldn’t go near that pile again! I got onto the quad and took the already loaded wood down to the pile and felt something on my leg. I was fairly certain it was the spider and was hugely relieved to see a little tick crawling around. A MUCH better option to the wolf spider. Still, I spent most of the rest of the day feeling like things were crawling on me.

We got a ton done, though! With the exception of the remainder of that pile, we got all the other trees stacked for firewood. Behind that pile of wood is a pile of the small branches. It will make good kindling when it dries out some.

There was a small metal shed that was rusted out and didn’t have a door. Mark took it apart and scrapped out the metal. He worked his ass off! It started raining about the time I got all the wood piled (except the pile with the spider laying in wait), so I headed down and got a shower and took a nap, or attempted to take a nap, and Mark stayed and worked. He didn’t  finish until he’d taken apart the whole shed and hauled it off. He’s a hard working man! There is still a ton to do. We’re hoping to get the camper and big shed moved from our current lot over to the new lots so that we can sell the current one. Lot of work!

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