Pardon Me While I Gush

I’m having a boy!!!!!!!  Well, not me specifically, because you already know that I’m a uterusless clod, but I get a baby! A grandbaby. More specifically, a grandSON!!!  I could not be more excited! Wanna see a picture of my grandson?

There he is…all snuggled up in that cute little baby bump! Isn’t Jackie adorable, also?? I have always accused my mom of completely forgetting about HER children once we gave her some grandbabies! I vow here and now in front of all the interwebz that I will not desert my daughter just because I will soon have a grandson! You don’t believe me, do you?

The only sad part in this whole scenario???  They live 1500 miles away!!!!!! How much does that suck? A lot, let me tell you!!  His other grandma lives only minutes from them, so she’ll get to see MY grandson all the time! I have to admit a little jealousy on that front, but my mom lived 1500 miles from me when my kids were little and my kids ADORED her. So I’m hoping for a similar outcome.

Perhaps someday my children who are local(er) to me will give me a grandbaby!! Someday.


A grandson!

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