Workout Interruptis

Today I decided to go for my walk at the lake. I haven’t been down there for a while. Between riding my bike on the Katy Trail and working in my garden, I haven’t had time to walk at the lake.

There are these two old men that are there fishing quite a bit and I tend to mock them because I’ve never seen anyone catch a fish. Well, at least not a fish bigger than three inches or so.

Today was different. Same two old men fishing. But this time they had something on the line. My second lap around the lake I noticed that the one guy had something that was bending his pole pretty good and the other guy had taken his line out of the water. I didn’t think much of it. It’s been raining a bit and I figured there was debris in the water that he’d snagged. As I was beginning my third lap I passed by the duo…pole still bent…only this time, the fish surfaced. And it was a FISH! Between a foot and a half and two feet long. A catfish. You could tell he was getting tired.  I was not the only one to stop their walk to watch the last bit of the battle. The sidewalk at the edge of the lake just around the corner from the two gentlemen was lined up with “walkers” watching.

The biggest problem the dudes were having is that they didn’t  have a net so when the big fish would surface, they couldn’t snag him. Every now and again the fish would come right near the shore on the surface of the water so the old gentlman that wasn’t working the pole was on his knees ready to grab the fish. Every time he’d get a hand on it, the fish would just go crazy and head back out as far as the line would allow. I have to admit that I was secretly wishing the old, kneeling man would fall into the lake. Finally, he managed the grab hold of the fish and haul him out of the water. We all erupted into clapping and cheering. I was excited to see them catch the big guy!

I turned to continue on with my last lap as the men were preparing to take the hook out of the fish’s mouth. I hadn’t gone more than 10 steps when I heard shouts and groans. I turned around just in time to see the fish wildly flopping on the ground as the two old men were frantically stumbling and crawling after it trying to get their hands on it before it got back in the water. Too late. The fish escaped. I felt bad for the two guys. They had worked so hard to get him pulled to shore, only to lose him because they didn’t have the proper tools to secure him before removing the hook.

Fortunately, the two women with them (I’m assuming their spouses) were taking pictures of the whole thing so their friends will believe the fish story.

2 thoughts on “Workout Interruptis

  1. Love the story, but yeah for the fish. I’m a catch and release kinda gal — even with catfish. Glad they have pics to backup their story. Wonderful post. Thank you!

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