Work Horse

We were having a conversation about what our magic power is. Without even having to think about it I could say that my super power is the ability to get shit done! I’m one that just dives in and gets to work. This week it was a race against the rain. The first half of the week was forecast to be nice and sunny, the last half of the week had rain in the forecast each day.

I started off the week building the new garden bed. Monday I bought all the supplies, Tuesday I put it together.  I needed a larger bed for things like squash and cucumbers…you know, the plants that spread out and don’t really work well in the 4×4 foot beds. So I built the bed.

It’s 8 x 16 feet. I tilled up the ground, then built the bed. That’s some heavy duty labor, folks.

Wednesday I went and got a truck load of dirt. That is hard work! Shovelling dirt is a lot more difficult than shovelling gravel. I never would have thought that, but it was.

One truckload of dirt coming right up! I had the truck backed up to the bed and was raking it out of the truck. My neighbor came out to say hey and let her dogs out, so I was chatting with her when Mark got home from work. He hollers out, “Hey, did I tell you that you could take a break?” Then he came and helped me shovel the dirt! That made it go by much quicker.

Thursday I made the mad dash to get a truckload of mulch and get home so I could unload it and get some veggies planted before the rain started.

I got this all loaded into the bed. Then I rushed off to Lowes and Menards to get some plants. I got a six pack of jalepenos, a six pack of sweet peppers, two hills worth of cucumbers, two hills worth of zuchinni, two grape plants (not for the bed), and three Clematus (not for the veggie garden). Then I hurried home and got them all planted!!

I got everything planted just about the time Mark got home from volleyball. He headed downstairs in his swim trunks ready to get in the hot tub. I hollered at him, “Did I tell you that you could take a break?” He responds with, “I am the patriarch of this house. I decide when I take my breaks!” And then we both burst out laughing!

So…my magic powers this week have all been used for good. I have gotten a ton of stuff done. I’m completely exhausted, but it’s a good exhaustion! Tomorrow I shall get back to my regular workout schedule.

4 thoughts on “Work Horse

  1. wow…looks great. We don’t plant until the May long weekend here….,mostly. Moved and renovated last summer so garden and we have too many gorgeous trees to have much sun for a garden.

    • So sad to have no garden, but having awesome trees would be a good reason for it. I have very few trees left in my back yard…lost them in an ice storm a few years back.

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