Random Thoughts

Does It Matter?

When my kids were younger and going through the whole “grunge” phase I would tell them that people will judge them on the way they looked and presented themselves. Naturally, this all fell on deaf ears. I always got the arguement that it didn’t matter what they wore because it didn’t change who they were. While it is true that what you wear doesn’t change who you are, it does change the way people treat you.

Case in point:

I spend a lot of my weekends working in my yard. Hence, I make frequent trips to Lowes for supplies. You should see me on the weekends. I am HAWT! No makeup except the remnants of mascara under my eyes. Ball cap to cover up the bed head. Ratty old T-shirt. Jeans or shorts (depending on the weather). Dirty tennis shoes. Every trip that I make I load all my crap out to the truck. No matter how heavy the items, I always push it out and lift it all into the bed of the truck. Never fails.

Today I stopped by Lowes on my way home from work. I had just a few items to pick up. Four 8 foot lengths of edging (very light weight).  Sixteen metal stakes to secure the edging (very light weight). Two bundles of 24 inch stakes (very light weight). One package of pins that to secure my weed barrier (very light weight). That’s it. I left the checkout and was pushing my cart out of the garden center and had planned on making my way towards the truck (which I wisely parked near the construction area on the opposite side of the garden center). Out of nowhere a Lowes worker dude shows up and says, “Can I help you load that?” I said, “Well, my truck is at the opposite end of the parking lot.” He assured me that I could leave it there and bring my truck to the garden center to load.  So I left my cart there and hiked out to get the truck. When I pulled off to the loading area of the garden center three men were there to load up the truck. THREE! MEN! Seriously, dudes? One guy carried two of the edging strips. One guy carried the other two edging strips. And the third guy grabbed the bundle of stakes. I walked to the cart to get the metal stakes for the edging and the first guy that had two edging strips rushed over and said, “Here, let me get that.” So I watched three grown men load my cart with the lightest objects I think that I’ve ever purchased.

Fairly ridiculous. The difference between my normal weekend trips to Lowes and today’s trip to Lowes? Today I had my hair done. I had full makeup done. I was in slacks and a sweater. I was in heels. I don’t think that I looked helpless, but the boys were clamouring to help!! So, is it the appearance? Is it the middle of the week so they’re less busy? An arguement could be made for each option. What do you think?


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