Weekly Checkin 4/9

This is going to be quick because I didn’t get everything written last night like I try to do (except for inserting the morning weight).

Stayed the same from last week!!!  218.8 (maybe up a couple 10ths)

This does not surprise me. I had great workouts at the beginning of the week. But at the end of the week when the weather got nice I was working in the yard instead. It’s a sucky choice and I don’t know how to balance it. After an hour long workout, I’m too exhausted to work in the yard. But after working in the yard until dark, I’m too exhausted to do my workout. I do realize that physical activity of any kind is way better than sitting on the couch from the moment I get home from work, but yard work is not going to help me lose weight. However, it’s a necessary evil. I have to figure out how to balance it. I do realize that I could get up in the morning and workout then. I have tried that route many, many times before and have always failed. I’m not a morning person. I feel that I’d be setting myself up for failure if I thought that was the only solution. *sigh*

And….while I’m whining….I have a huge event at work today so I had to dress up. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had to wear hose???  I can’t even remember!!  But it’s too warm out for leggings so I bought a pair of hose. Not just any ol’ hose, but hose with a control top and hip thinner. Oh my gawd!!!!!!!!!!  I have forgotten how difficult that combination is to put on. Especially when I have to pull the “thinner” part up over the area that it’s trying to control!  Especially when I’m at least 50 pounds heavier than the last time I attempted hose. I hope I don’t have to pee at all today! I just know that when I sit down at my desk chair where I have to sit up straight and not slouch that the top of these hose will roll down over my fat and cut off my air supply!

Somebody! Put the jaws of life on standby!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Checkin 4/9

  1. I know I’m not supposed to laugh Cristy, but I had the exact same thing happen at an event in October. My hose ended up almost at the top of my thighs because I brought a pair from my drawer and didn’t remember that I’d last worn them 20 pounds ago. I ended up taking them off in the bathroom and went barelegged after that. I was sitting at a dinner table and no one saw or cared, except me…thank goodness they weren’t all in ones. I just don’t think I could go commando.

    • I had to do that at a wedding a couple years ago. I thought I brought hose but when I put on my dress (kind of formal) the hose were footless….leggings hose. So I went bare legged. Oh well. What do ya do?? Nobody was looking at me, anyway…just the bride.

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