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I’m kind of hard on things. Myself included in the “things.”

You may remember that Mark bought an abandoned storage shed and in the process of cleaning it out we brought home the lumber that had been used to make shelves. Lumber isn’t horribly expensive, but if you can reuse something, I’m all for being frugal like that. The only problem with said lumber is that there were nails in it. These nails had to be removed, so we brought it all home, dumped it in the garage and I figured I’d get to it as I had time. So my garage looked like this until Sunday:

I know. It’s a mess. Sunday (happy easter, by the way) was beautiful outside so Mark and I puttered around just doing random chores that involved being out of doors! I decided it would be a good time to tackle my “remove the nails” project.  Very first nail I attempted to pull out this happened:

Obviously I have brute strength!

About halfway through my project I had to locate a Phillips-head screw driver so I got up and walked across the garage. Mark had been working on somethings earlier so his mess was still lying around and I walked straight into this:

It was at a great level to put a nice little hole right in my ankle. That was fun.

I can’t even remember the last time I had a project go completely injury free!! I probably should learn to be more careful.