Weekly Checkin 4/3/12

You’re getting short changed this week. Busy weekend, which is normally when I get my menu made up, so I don’t have that done. I did great on my workouts, though. I love having warmer weather where I can comfortably get outside. Rode my bike on the Katy Trail three days last week and walked two days. The weekend we rode the shit out of the quads. With the new, bigger quad, it’s an hours long upper body workout. My shoulders and back are so sore (in a good way) from all the playing we did Saturday and Sunday.

I rolled my ankle Saturday. Stupid, stupid accident and I was so pissed, but it’s fine today so I’ve quit cussing. Mark was riding the new, bigger quad (his first time riding it) and he hated it so he asked if I’d switch out with him. When I stepped off my bike I put my foot down on uneven ground and the fucking wobbly ankle just rolled. I’ve learned over the years that when the ankle starts rolling, you just roll with it. Saves on the ankle, looks clumsy. One second I was swinging my leg over the bike seat, the next second I’m laying on my back looking up at the stunned expression on Mark’s face. We headed straight down to the river and I sat on the bank with my foot and ankle in the cool water while Mark rode. After sitting for a bit I got back on the bike and just laid back on it with my foot propped up on the handle bars. Mark did some mushroom hunting. For those not from this area, there are these Morell mushrooms that are all the rage…breaded and deep fried! Anywho… After resting the ankle for a good 1/2 hour we went for our normal ride, which is typically about three hours. Fun, fun times! Once we got back to the camper I spent the rest of the day with my leg elevated and ice on it. So…all in all not as horrible as I’ve rolled it in the past.

Other fun things this weekend: I was cutting watermelon and stabbed my finger with the knife. Bled like a stuck pig. Sunday morning I was going to make some biscuits for breakfast. First time we’d used the oven in the camper so we were trying to figure out how to light the pilot light. Mark was afraid it wasn’t getting gas to it so he had me light the top burner. After about 10 minutes he got the pilot light going. I reached over to grab the rack to the oven so that I could put it back into the oven, not thinking about it sitting on top of the stove (you know…the stove where the burner had been lit for 10 minutes). That hurt! I instantly put it under running cold water. Left it there until I couldn’t feel anymore burning. Pretty sure I have no finger prints left. Wanna rob a bank with me!? (kidding!!!) I do have a nice grill mark on my middle finger. But it’s not hurting anymore.

THEN…oh yes, the fun doesn’t end with a roll, stab, and burn…last night after Mark and I got back to the truck after hour bike ride, I leaned over to fasten my seat belt right about the time Mark was moving his arm back to grab hold of the back of my chair while he looked behind him to back up.  Thwack! Right across the bridge of my nose! I’m really excited to see what the rest of this week will bring!

OK, so, my weight this week is 217.6…two pounds down from last week! First time in years since I actually feel like I’m headed in the right direction. Next week I’ll be better organized and have my menu ready by the time I post.

Anyone else have a completely clutzy week??

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