Random Thoughts

May I Approach The Bench

Mark and I have been riding our bikes a lot lately since the weather has been so good. Since we’re old and have many aches and pains, riding the bike is the easiest workout for our poor joints. Because I don’t have quite all my energy back yet, we’ve only been able to manage our nine mile loop. At the half-way point where we turn around there is a place right next to the river with a couple of benches and a picnic table. We normally stop there for about 5 or 10 minutes and drink some water, talk about our day, and watch the Mighty Missouri flow. That 5 or 10 minute stop is probably my favorite time of the day! If you know me at all, you already know how I feel about the water.

Conversation while sitting on the bench:

Me: Weirdest thing. (Tell him the story of the fly in the tanning bed.)

Him: (deadpan expression/zero emotion) That’s weird.

Me: (silence for a moment as I stare out at the quickly moving river) As fast as that river is moving a non-swimmer would be dead within moments should they accidentally fall in.

Him: You wouldn’t get to enjoy the insurance money because you’d be in jail.

Me: Heh. Doubtful. (in a batting my eyes/innocent voice) “I don’t know what happened, Officer. He just went down to take a leak in the river and must have tripped over a rock. I tried to save him but he was freaked out and I couldn’t (breaks into a sob) pull him out.”

Him: (quiet for a moment) You’d miss me if I were gone.

Me: Only if I were sitting in a jail cell.

People who don’t know us might just fear for his life.


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