No Such Thing As TMI

At work all us girls are pretty open with each other. I love having such a great group of girls to work with. Makes the unbearable days bearable. One of my girls is the sweetest thing you will ever in your life meet. Everyone should have the opportunity to know her. I could not possibly say enough wonderful things about her and I count myself lucky to call her my friend.

As well as being positively fabulous, she is also a bit on the sheltered, naive side. I’ve never heard her say a curse word. She rarely talks about sex. Never would you hear an inuendo come out of her mouth.

Towards the end of the day when she was getting ready to leave she sidled up next to me and goes, “I’ve been meaning to ask you….” From her body language me and the other girl in the office at the time knew that she had something important to say. “Since you girls have both had hysterectomies, I was wondering if back before then if you ever had, um…air come out of you…um…” I interrupted her because I couldn’t handle her discomfort.

“Are you farting from your twat?”

Conversation killer, right there, folks!

Once the shrieks of laughter died down we were able to reassure her that there was nothing wrong with her and that she was perfectly normal.

She’s lucky to have us!

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