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Come Into My Parlour

On my way home from work last night I stopped by thhe tanning salon (don’t judge). I got into my little room, disrobed and began pouring  my nekkid body into the bed. After arranging the various rolls of fat into a position that would result in the fewest number of weird tan lines I reached up and pressed the GO button.

As one would expect, the lights in the bed all came on. I was on my belly and put my goggles on and was just getting ready to rest my chin on the pillow when I noticed movement from the corner of my eye. I quickly leaned onto my elbow to see what was moving in the bed because nothing should be moving in the bed when I’m lying there nekkid. Yet there it was! I saw the movement again. I took the goggles off so I could see more clearly what type of battle would ensue.

It was a harmless fly. A harmless, albeit startling black fly. The lights seems to make it sluggish but the lights were also drawing it in. In between mah bewbs, that is! I grabbed the towel that I had covering up the pillow and shooed the fly away. It lethargically flew out of the bed but as soon as I placed the towel back over the pillow it darted right back in. Right in between mah bewbs again. I’m laying there on my belly trying to shoo this fly out from between the girls and it was having nothing to do with leaving. I was trying to be graceful and not cause any ruckus because the last thing anybody needed was for someone to have to barge into my room to make sure that everything was alright.

Finally I managed to catch the fly in the towel and kill it. You’d think this would be the end of the fun but throughout the 15 minutes I was in there I killed three flies! The other two were little fruit fly-types, but sheesh!

Nekkid fly fighting was NOT on my agenda for the day.


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