In A Cabin In The Woods

Well, maybe not a cabin, but a camper…

I am ready for the spring & summer! And so is the camper! Every fall we have to winterize the camper…drain the water lines, add anti-freeze to the lines, unhook all hoses, empty the freezer & refrigerator, load up all perishables, get the canned soda and beer out…anything that could cause problems if there is a hard freeze has to be taken care of. It’s a ton of work pumping the coolant through the lines because it’s a manual process. You probably don’t want me describing what that looks like.

Because we have to winterize every fall, it stands to reason that we would then have to de-winterize once the threat of a big freeze is over. A couple weeks ago when we went out we turned the electricity back on so that we could get sodas and beer stocked up. We didn’t quite want to turn the water then because it was only the beginning of March and you never know what March is going to bring. This past weekend we were fairly comfortable with spring actually being here so we turned the water on.

I spent a few hours de-mousing the camper. I don’t know what it is about campers, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to keep mice out during the winter so when we go back first thing in the spring we always find piles of nuts everywhere. Mostly in the drawers. So I’ve taken to emptying all the dish clothes out of the drawers so the mice have nothing to rip to shreds to build nest. The first year we bought our lot we were surprised to see the towels shredded into little nests. We had no clue that mice could get in. So we’ve learned to clear out perishables, but to clear out anything that could be used as a nest.

All the drawers have been vacuumed and sanitized. The corners where the mice leave their nutshells have been vacuumed (well…everything has been vacuumed). The place is ready for playing!!! And play, we did!!

It was MUDDY this weekend. it’s been raining for nearly two weeks straight and that leaves the place a crazy mess. It’s times like this that the kids love to go out because  thye really enjoy playing in the mud. I haven’t really been able to fully enjoy riding the quads because of my POP issues but on Saturday I rode completely pain free. It was wonderful! Mark goes, “Holy cow, I’ve never seen you ride like this.” I rode like the wind. And when I say “rode like the wind” that means about 15mph. You really can’t go much faster than that on the wooded trails. Too many trees. Immovable trees. Well…some of  them are moveable. So Mark was VERY happy that we got to ride like he likes to ride. He’s normally waiting on me because I am very cautious so as not to disrupt my innerds. Well…the innerds were fine! Halle-freaking-lujah!!

The waterfall was flowing!

Check it out. Can you see how good I was feeling? We go to this waterfall every time we go and ride. Sometimes it’s empty. It’s made up from the lake’s overflow. I don’t know that you can see it, but by this time I was already pretty muddy. And we’d been avoiding the bit mud pits. The new quad, though, I don’t think protects from the mud like my green one. I was riding Big Blue. Mark was riding my green one. I need to name it. Hmmm. Big Green doesn’t work because Mark has one that looks identical.  I’ll have to give that some thought. 

I wish I’d have had my big girl camera because the little one that we take riding when it’s muddy just doesn’t do the action shots very well. This is the place where the kids will spend hours, just riding around and around and around. Since I was feeling good, I went through the watery, muddy pit! So much fun! 

These are our redneck buddies. It was at this creek bed that Mark first met this group of folks. And OMG, you do not get anymore redneck than this. But…they are all great people and would give you the shirt off your back. This creek bed is also where I hunt for rocks. But I’ve rambled on for a little bit too long so I should probably save the rock hunting story for another day. It was a great weekend. Such a huge relief to be feeling pain free and able to enjoy my time off the grid! It helps me to be more patient when I have physical relapses to where my brain tries to say that I will never be whole again! Wanna come over and play?

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