This post has nothing to do with anything except that Mark and I were talking about the cruise we took with Michelle. We’re both in pretty severe cruise withdrawals (first world problem). So I got looking through some of my pictures and thought I’d share them with you.

One of the highlights...the sunrise every morning!

Seems so iconic to me. A very typical picture when you think of Cabo.

Would you believe it? 150 pictures of just this crab! I have a problem.

The humpback whale. OMG, I can't even tell you the number of pictures I got of the ONE whale we saw the whole trip. I was so excited. I *may* have been jumping and clapping and squealing.

My cutie patootie baby girl! And her friend, the parrot!

Ann isn't the only one with a smokin' hot body. All the little boys on our tour LOVED her!

Check me out. 2009 when I was still in relatively good shape.

The excursion in Cabo - ziplining, rappeling, cable bridges, rock climbing, "tarzan" bridges - best tour ever! So much fun.

Opened with a sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. May as well close with a sunset over Puerto Vallarta. It was beautiful there.

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane. That was such a great trip. My best friend, Care Bear, and a few of her friends went with us and we had a blast. I really want to get back on a ship and head to somewhere exotic!



2 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. oooh! I’ve been on one cruise to the eastern carribean and I loved it so much! Except for the whole swine flu thing. We did parasailing…if I close my eyes I’m there above the bay in St. Thomas……….

    • I’ve done St. Thomas three times but have never parasailed. I really want to do that!!! Ann and Jackie got screwed on their cruise because when we got to St. Thomas the tour we were going to do got cancelled so we ended up renting a cab and going to Meghan’s Bay instead. It was beautiful but the Rhino Riders would have been way more fun. The Eastern Caribbean is actually my least favorite of all of them. St. Thomas is set up as a shopping destination and I’m not a shopper. One of the times I stopped there was on a Southern Caribbean tour. OMG, I want to do the Southern route again, but pick different islands from the last time. I have a LIST of islands I want to visit. I love the Caribbean so, so much!!

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