Weekly Checkin – 3/20/12

It’s been a really long week, but I managed to get my workouts in. If I didn’t get a traditional workout, I did a lot of yard work and that’s got to count for something. That yard work is hard!

Sunday – Treadmill – 45 minutes. I finally figured out how to get music onto my phone, so I had headsets in when I was working out. I was signing and walking and bebopping on the treadmill and when I looked up, the Ellie and the two cats were laying in the doorway staring at me. Must have thought I’d lost my damned mind! BUT…I walked at a 3.2 mph pace! That’s progress.

Monday & Tuesday – Workout at the park….3 laps around the lake. Alternated walk/run, with pushups/tricep dips three times through the workout on Tuesday.

Wednesday – Biking, ya’ll!!!!  Holy cow, did it feel good to be back on my bike! Nine miles in about 50 minutes. A little slower pace than what I’m used to doing on my bike, but you know what? I don’t care! I was on my bike and I know that I’ll get back to my 14 mph pace all in good time. Look at me being all optimistic!

Thursday – Walk/run for 40 minutes at the Y. When I went down to see if Mark’s game was done, I found out they were playing a pickup game because the team they were supposed to play forfeited, so I jumped into the middle of the game and played volleyball for about 1/2 hour. That was fun! Of course, then I ruined all benefits by going out for Mexican afterwards. Hello Margaritas!!

Friday – Day off. Exhausting day. I didn’t feel very well (see last Saturday’s post if you dare).

Saturday – Yard work. Holy shit, that wears me the fuck out! It rained off and on throughout the day, so when it wasn’t raining, I was weeding the garden. LOT O’ WEEDS! I also spent a good amount of time with my friend,  Mr. Bissell. It turns out that our rental property got flooded so I spent hours sucking water out of carpet. And the tank on my Bissell is less than a gallon, so lots of emptying it. I realize this isn’t a workout, but it was a lot of time spent off the couch. Even though it’s not an “official” workout, I couldn’t believe how sore my shoulders and obliques were Sunday and Monday.

This week’s menu.

This week’s weight: 221.4

If you don’t do an official workout, what do you do to stay active?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Checkin – 3/20/12

    • For the most part I do alright with the food, but today? Before 11am? I had a handful of Whoppers! I was wondering if pre-11am is too early to begin drinking!! So freaking stressful at work today!!!

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