How To Ease Into Life

Easy step by step instructions on easing into a workout routine:

  • Walk two laps slowly to get blood flowing to the muscles (each lap is 1/14 of a mile).
  • Stretch out really well on the bar next to the track.
  • Walk two laps at a moderate to fast pace.
  • Run two laps.
  • Walk one lap.
  • Do pushups on the bar next to the track.
  • Do tricep dips on the bench next to the bar next to the track.
  • Walk one lap.
  • Run two laps.
  • Walk one lap.
  • Continue this run/walk/pushups/dips routine for 35 minutes.
  • Feeling great. Gonna run one last lap. Literally five steps from the end of the lap a muscle in the right calf pops. Ouch. Pain!
  • Walk one lap hoping the pain in the calf goes away.
  • Stretch out really good, concentrating on the stupid calf.
  • Go downstairs to see if husband is done with volleyball, only to find out the team they were playing didn’t show up so they’re just playing for fun.
  • Join the volleyball game and play for 30 minutes.
  • Sweat like a horse throughout.
  • Go to the nearest Mexican restaurant.

That, folks, is how I ease into a workout routine. Now, if I could just poop regularly, I might actually lose some weight! But that’s a whole other story.

4 thoughts on “How To Ease Into Life

    • One margarita (pitcher) coming right up! 😉

      I looked up the couch to 5k program last night. I’m chomping at the bit to start it. I told myself I’d wait until mid March, but I’m already running for short stints at a time. After tweaking my calf last night, I should probably stick with my plan, but holy hell….I can’t wait to start the program!!

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