Anyone Ever Feel Like This?

Yearly reviews. I hate them. I don’t know why because I always get rave reviews. Thank you. Thank you.

::takes a bow::

Still, reviews just freak me out.

For the last few years the company has given people small raises and then re-evaluated the state of the company through the first quarter and then if things were still going well, they would give another small percentage increase.

This year is no different. My boss (who is the owner of the company) said that I was getting X percentage and then in 90 days we’d re-evaluate and see how we’re doing. But for some reason my brain jumps to, “Oh my gawd, I’m on a 90 day probation and if I don’t do my job perfectly they’re going to fire me!!!”

Why do I do that? Seriously drives me crazy. Please tell me that I’m not alone in the whole “jumping to conclusions” thing.

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