Ya’ll still with me? Are you getting any physical activity? Care to share what you’re doing? I can always use good ideas.  Here’s what I did this past week:

Sunday – Had every intention of doing a workout, but Mark needed my help clearing out the rest of the storage shed. There were shelves that needed to be dismantled, which required swinging a hammer, lifting and carrying large boards and studs to load into the truck, the unload to the house.

Monday – A real, honest to goodness workout. Three laps around the lake. Each lap is 2/3 mile. The first lap I did 5 minutes moderate walking to warm up, then I did circuits. Walk, then 30 seconds of lunges. Then walk some more, the 30 seconds of lunges on the other leg. Then walk some more and 30 seconds of mountain climbers. So…3 “breaks” in the walk during the lap (2/3 mile) around the lake. Second lap my 3 “breaks” were running for 45 second stints. Yes, you read that right….RUNNING!!!!!!!!  What do ya know? I ran, yes I did! The third lap my first “break” was running, second break was stretching, third break was push ups. Then I walked slowly the last portion of that last lap to cool down. When I got home I stretched out for about 10 minutes. 50 minute total workout! Not bad.

Tuesday – Medieval torture device – 20 minutes.

Wednesday – 😦

Thursday – Walked at the Y while Mark played volleyball. Each lap is 1/14 of a mile. I alternated running and walking. Run two laps, walk two laps. I’d intersperse 10 pushups (against the bar, not flat out pushups) and 10 tricep dips every 3 or 4 laps. Stretched real good before and after. 45 minutes. I had to stop because I was feeling abdominal pain and I’m supposed to listen to my body.

Friday – Walked at the park. Leisurely. Took it easy because my whole body aches. Three laps = 2 miles. Forty minutes. I used to do fifteen minute miles, now I do twenty minute miles. Baby steps, right?

Saturday – Spent the day at Wildwood riding quads. My arms are TIRED!

Today’s weight: 219.8

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