Weekly Check In 3/6

How did you all do this past week? Did you getcher move on? Here’s the run down for me:

Sunday – Walked 30 minutes at the lake. It was about one mile (1.5 laps approx). Much slower than I normally walk around the lake, but….baby-steps.

Monday – Sicker than a fucking dog. Didn’t do anything.

Tuesday – Felt much better, headed down for a workout, got distracted by the hubby (bow chicka wow wow), gonna call that a workout!

Wednesday – 35 minutes on the treadmill (20 minutes at a 3 mph pace, 5.5 incline), 15 minutes of yoga to stretch out and unwind after walking. Felt pretty good about the pace. In my “glory days” I walked at a 4 mph pace. Getting there.

Thursday – VOLLEYBALL!!!!!  Whoot!

Friday – Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Exciting. But far too sore from volleyball to be able to do much of anything else.

Saturday – Cleaned all the things! I had every intention of doing a workout but by the time I got done scrubbing floors and reclaiming my house from being unable to do anything my body was sore. I can tell I totally overdid at volleyball on Thursday. Holy shit, I’m out of shape!

Today’s weight: 221. Not happy with that, but I guess it’s a start. 4 pounds down from last week.

This week’s menu. I took out the morning snacks. I find that since I eat lunch at 11:30 I really don’t snack at all before lunch. So I removed that and will allow for a snack after dinner if I feel snacky…doesn’t always happen, but sometimes I’m hungry still. I also added a “what I actually ate” page. As you’ll find out, I don’t always stick to the menu. It’s more of a suggestion, and a guideline for when I go grocery shopping.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Check In 3/6

    • I’m totally missing the “guideline” connection. Someone may have to explain that to me.

      But, yes…it feels good to be working out again, even though I curse a LOT while I’m in the middle of it. 🙂

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