Lost In The 50s

What a nightmare!

I thought I’d better get my flights booked for Jackie’s graduation since the time is quickly approaching. Mark and I use a credit card that gives us reward points that we can use towards flights. Since Mark has to work, I had plenty of points to get a free ticket so I logged in and picked out the flights that I wanted. I added my name as the passenger, put in my credit card information and clicked submit.


Your name doesn’t match the name on the rewards account. Please log into your own account to continue purchasing this ticket.  (Paraphrased, but you get the gyst.)

I noticed that I hadn’t changed the birthday and gender when I added my name, so I fixed that and submitted it again. Same result. Error. After jacking around with this for about 20 minutes I decided to call the airline. I waited in the queue for ten minutes before I got a person to answer.

I’m pretty sure this poor woman had just rolled off the training room floor. Still wearing the training bra and training wheels. She informed me that I couldn’t use the points on the account and that I had to have my own account. I argued that my husband and I shared a credit card and we both earned the points on the card and it didn’t make any sense that I couldn’t use the points. She insisted that I could use the points, but I had to use my own account ID. I said, “Holy hell, it feels like we’re back in the 50s and I can’t buy a plane ticket without getting my husband’s permission.” She laughed.  LAUGHED and said, “Oh that’s funny.” I informed her that it most definitely was not funny. From the other side of the room Mark mumbles under his breath, “It was a little bit funny.” Funny that I can’t book a flight on an account where I share in accumulating points because it has my husband’s name on it not mine!? Um. No. Not funny!

She began the process of telling me how to set up my own account. First I had to log into my husband’s account and then just as she was telling me where to click I got dead air and a message that said, “Please hold.” And I waited. And waited. And waited. No on hold music to let me know I was still connected, but my phone never disconnected the call. After more than five minutes of this dead air I hung up and called back. Thirteen minutes on hold this time before someone answered the phone. It was a dude this time. I explained what I was trying to do and that the girl I had just talked to was trying to walk me through setting up my own account and that we got disconnected. He goes, “You don’t have to have our own account. Just remove the rewards number under your name.” I was silent for a moment not sure I had heard him correctly. I made him wait until I got to the point of the booking process so that I could make sure he was telling me the right thing. And wouldn’t you know it….I don’t have to have my own account number. There is no mysterious linkage between two accounts. I simply removed the rewards number from next to my name and it booked my flight using the points that I helped get!!! I actually can book a flight without getting my husband’s permission! Thank god this isn’t the 50s!! For a moment there, I was worried.

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