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I don’t even know where to start with the atrocity that has become my body. So, I’ll just jump right in.

Starting weight: 225 lb. (sad…highest I’ve EVER weighed)

When I do my measurements, I do two different waist measures…my natural waist line and my lower abs (my major problem zone).  My arm measurements are at the biceps. As of today’s measurement, both arms and thighs were the same measurement, which doesn’t always happen. If they’re different, I’ll differentiate right vs. left. Not that it really matters, I guess, just being thorough.

  • Bust – 45″
  • Waist – 45″
  • Abs – 46″
  • Hips – 49″
  • Thighs – 29″
  • Arms – 14″

So…what does all this look like? Yikes. Prepare yourselves or go to a different website.

A LOT of work to do! If you need a comparison from the Fall you can find it here. That link also has a pic of what I’d like to get back.

To start off, I’ve made up a menu to help me stay more organized with my eating, which should help keep me from over-indulging.

Workout routine this week is  only going to be walking. I’m still having a little pain, and I get fatigued very easy, so I don’t want to jump into anything hard core. I think that I can walk for half hour increments. We’ll see how that goes. I’m going to also try some light hand weights. Nothing extravagant, just trying to get back into a rhythm.

Goals. It’s hard to set goals this early in the game. Overall, I’d like to get to 175. I can’t think about that right now because it’s too overwhelming. So, for this week, the goal is to walk every day and not snack so much. I don’t think that is unrealistic.  I’ve got to start somewhere, so I will start there. Wish me luck! It’s going to be a long journey.