It’s War, Baby

The other day Mark and I were driving to a visitation. Mark goes, “I bought something.” I looked at him, waiting for him to tell me.  “You’re never going to guess.”

We rode in silence as I waited for him to tell me and he waited for me to guess. Knowing him, I knew that there was no way that I was going to guess what he may have decided to buy.

Finally, he goes, “I bought a storage unit.”

I was confused. A few years ago we had talked about buying storage units as a business, but decided against it. So I was thinking he bought storage unitS. No. He bought A. Storage. Unit.

This is his favorite show. Storage Wars. He loves watching the people bid over these abandoned sheds, not knowing what’s inside them. Too much of a risk for me. But he loves the thrill of the deal. So, he bought a storage unit. At least he was able to look inside the bin before offering a price on it. The unit belonged to a guy who used to own an electronics store so it was full of Electronics. He should be able to make a good profit on it.  A new adventure, I guess. He’s super stoked…like a kid on Christmas. He’s a deal.

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