Two milestones: Today is my 500th post. And today it has been five weeks since my surgery. This means that I’m more than half way through the healing process. And that leaves the really hard stuff ahead.

The recovery! I want my body back. I want to work out again. I want to run and jump and play. All that is part of my recovery. My body is healing. I can tell. But the disrepair that my body has fallen into during the past couple of years is a bit overwhelming for me. I know that it will be difficult, but I’m ready to work.

I’m working on a new page for the blog that I will publish as soon as my eight week limitations are over and I can begin the recovery process. I guarantee you that it will not be pretty to witness. There will be pictures, ya’ll! You remember the last time I posted pictures.  Yikes. It is worse than that. I always got a kick out of the pregnant belly pictures where you see an every expanding midline. It’s cute on a pregnant chick. It is NOT cute on me. So I’m hoping to show ever decreasing belly shots. (Not those kind of belly shots….alckies.)

Is anyone else out there struggling with body image? Anyone out there want to join me on my journey? Share your successes with me? Your frustrations? Your failures? I’m anticipating all of these things as I embark on this recovery. I’m vain. I want to look good again. But I’m not so naive to think that my body will react to a work out routine like it did when I was 20. It’ll be a long haul and I can use all the support I can get. I welcome any and all ideas. There is no magic pill and I don’t expect one. I am conscious of being healthy during the process. I just need to get the party started.

Three weeks left to heal. It seems like a long time to wait and I’m getting impatient with doing nothing!